Marlin HOODED VEST NYLON 2 mm Black

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Marlin Hooded Vest Nylon 2 mm is a 2mm neoprene sleeveless T-shirt with a built-in hood and nylon lining inside and outside. Nylon coating inside makes it easy to put the vest on a dry body, without using soapy water. Anatomical cut ensures a perfect fit. Soft and elastic neoprene guarantees complete freedom of movement. Overlock stitching of edges will protect the product from tearing.
We manufacture our vest using eco-friendly, premium limestone neoprene and fabrics materials from the world's leading manufacturer, Sheico.
Ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving, wakeboarding, kiting, SUP surfing and other warm water activities. In the cold season, it can be used as additional insulation, worn under a wetsuit.

Please note that shorts are not included and must be purchased separately.

Available sizes: XS, S, M , L, XL, XXL, XXXL.

- neoprene thickness: 2 mm;

- soft elastic neoprene;

- eco-friendly, premium limestone neoprene Sheico L;

- inside coating: nylon;

- outside coating: nylon;

- overlock stitching of edges;

- anatomic cut.

Neoprene Vests and Shorts (size chart for men)
Size Height (cm) Chest (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm)
44 XS 164-170 88-92 76-80 88-90
46 S 164-170 92-96 80-84 90-93
48 M 170-176 96-100 84-88 94-97
50 ML 176-182 100-104 88-92 98-101
52 L 176-182 104-108 92-96 102-106
54 LX 182-188 108-112  96-100 107-110
56 XL 182-188 112-116 100-104 111-114
58 XXL 188-192 116-120 104-108 114-117
60 XXXL 188-192 120-124 108-112 117-120
62 XXXXL 192-196 124-128 112-116 120-123

How to find your size of a neoprene vest and shorts?

1.  To select the correct size, you need to take the following measurements:
      - Height.
      - Chest circumference.
      - Waist circumference.
      - Hips circumference.
2.  To make your measurements as accurate as possible, follow these recommendations:
      - Measurements should be taken in underwear.
      - It is better to take measurements not on your own, but with someone else’s help, as this will allow you to get a more correct result.
      - At the time of measurement, you must stand without tension, maintaining your usual posture.
      - The measuring tape should fit snugly to the body along the line being measured, and it should not be allowed to sag or tighten.
3.  How to take measurements correctly:
      - Height. Stand with your back to the wall, feet together. Straighten up. Your heels, back, shoulders and head should be touching the wall. Tuck your chin in and look straight ahead. Make a mark on the wall above your head with a  pencil. Use a measuring tape to measure the distance from the floor to the pencil mark.
      - Chest circumference. Place the measuring tape across the back of your shoulder blades, across the armpits and across the nipple points at the front, making sure the measuring tape runs exactly horizontally.
      - Waist circumference. Lay the measuring tape horizontally around your torso at the waist line, taking into account the protrusion of your abdomen. The waist is slightly below the level of the ribs and just above the navel.
      - Hips circumference. Place the measuring tape through the prominent points of the buttocks horizontally around the torso.
4.  Check your measurements with the size chart.

  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Product type:
  • Neoprene thickness (mm):
  • Neoprene brand:
    Sheico L
  • Outer coating:
  • Internal coating:
  • Features of putting on:
    Put on a dry body
  • Sleeve:
  • Hood:
  • Recommended water temperature (°C):
    27°C and more
  • Color:
  • Recommendations for use:
    Water sports , Pool swimming , Swimming , Snorkeling
  • Manufacturer country:
  • Country of registration of the brand:
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