About us

Marlin is a dynamically developing company that has been producing equipment for spearfishing, diving, snorkeling and other water sports for more than 10 years. Our goal is to create high quality products that are accessible to everyone, so that all our customers get maximum pleasure from spearfishing, diving and other water activities.

Our equipment is successfully used by people from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, USA, Canada, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Israel, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries. Marlin products guarantee convenience and practicality for both beginners and professionals.

Our history

Chronology of our company development

In 2011, we launched our own production of wetsuits under the Marlin brand. The very first products (wetsuit Marlin Skiff, neoprene T-shirt and shorts) became bestsellers and are produced at our enterprise to this day.

  • 2011 - launch of production of wetsuits and other products made from Taiwanese neoprene Sheico;
  • 2011 - Marlin entered the wholesale market in Ukraine
  • 2012 - start of production of Skiff and Skilur wetsuits;
  • 2013 - launch of production of wetsuits made from Japanese neoprene Yamamoto. Our product catalog now includes masks, fins, and snorkels for spearfishing—more and more fans of outdoor activities are eager to buy them.
  • 2014 - entry into the wholesale market of the CIS countries. Launch of production of Blackskin and Camoskin wetsuits;
  • 2016 - active expansion of the range of products for diving and spearfishing, launch of production of bags made of PVC and nylon;
  • 2017 - opening of an official online stores in Ukraine and CIS countries;
  • 2018 - active expansion of the snorkeling line: more than 100 models of masks, snorkels, swimming fins and much more, and also began production of thermal underwear under the Marlin brand;
  • 2019 - launch of production of wetsuits made from Taiwanese neoprene Nam Liong;
  • 2020 - creation of a wetsuit for freediving, fins for spearfishing and freediving.
  • 2023 - entry into the wholesale market of the Europe. Opening of the official European online store.



Every year we participate in international exhibitions in Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. This is one of the brightest indicators of a company’s development, an effective way to promote its products and expand its consumer audience. At such events, information and experience are exchanged with colleagues from different countries, and new useful contacts are established with manufacturers of similar products.

Branded spearfishing equipment: advantages of own production

  • We manufacture our own equipment for spearfishing and diving using modern German equipment. This allows our specialists to control every stage of production, as well as to constantly improve it.
  • Innovations are quickly and regularly introduced into production to provide you with even more convenience and opportunities in spearfishing and diving.
  • Our company's products are created and modernized in accordance with the suggestions of professional spearfishers and divers. We also take into account the wishes and constructive criticism of our customers, so we always stay in touch with you - it is very important for us to receive your feedback.
  • We work only with the best materials from the world's leading manufacturers so that you feel confident and comfortable in the water. These are the most popular brands of neoprene in the world: “Sheiko”, “Namlyong”, “Yamamoto”, etc. For anyone who decides to buy a wetsuit, the Marlin online store offers a large selection of options.
  • Our production is located in Ukraine, but we cooperate with the largest suppliers of raw materials and factories from China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, the USA and other countries.

Scuba diving and spearfishing are serious hobbies that should be approached responsibly. Therefore, our online diving store offers you high quality products and an equally high level of service, namely:

  • a huge selection of items: whether you need a full diving suit or just a snorkel for spearfishing, you can always buy both from us;
  • the most efficient and high-quality order fulfillment;
  • consultation with experienced specialists;
  • worldwide delivery;
  • a wide range of products for adults and children, professionals and beginners;
  • the most attractive prices on the diving equipment market;
  • 1 year warranty on the integrity of the seams of all Marlin neoprene products purchased in our online store.

Convenient online store of equipment for spearfishing, diving, snorkeling.

We tried to make our website as convenient, simple and intuitive as possible so that you can quickly find the product you need. For those who need to order equipment or buy a wetsuit, the online store offers a well-structured catalog. You can easily navigate the categories. You can find out all the information about the selected product on the product page: there are descriptions, detailed characteristics and even video reviews.

To avoid the wrong size, be sure to check the sizing chart for wetsuits, gloves, mittens, socks and helmets.

The online spearfishing store Marlin is always in touch with you.

Every client who wants to buy equipment for diving, spearfishing and snorkeling is important and valuable to us, so we always practice an individual approach. Our employees are ready to advise you in detail and help you choose equipment taking into account your goals, requirements, budget and climatic conditions in your region.

You can talk with specialists via online chat on the website, by email, by phone or through a messenger convenient for you. Also, thanks to open communities on social networks, we always stay in touch with you: we are ready to listen to your wishes and share our news.

100% quality guarantee
100% quality guarantee
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14 days for return
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Nationwide delivery
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